Even the best can get better!


Even the best can get better!

The security industry is changing daily and to ensure that we as a Company can cope with the changing industry and requirements of our clients.

Douglas Hyden, our Chief Executive Officer is leaving us for a month to achieve his HABC Level 3 Certificate In Close Protection, level 3 Firearms Training ( 7.62/5.56mm) for Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers and his First Person on Scene (FPOS Intermediate + Extended skills) qualifications, through UCP the leading Security-Training provider with direct centre status and ELCAS approval.

When asked about his forthcoming course Douglas had no hesitation in confirming its benefit to the Company and himself personally “I have been considering this qualification for quite some time now, but it is always hard to find the time when you’re running a busy company. It seems to me that the industry and our customers’ requirements are changing rapidly and I am looking forward to working with UCP to gain this achievement level which will expand my personal skillset and re-affirm our desire to provide the highest standard of security for all our clients”

We wish Douglas every success with his new course, and will let you all know how he gets on. Good luck Dougie!

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