Sponsor Local Lad + Aid with World Conservation


Sponsor Local Lad + Aid with World Conservation

As part of the Storm Corporate Security’s ethos in helping the community and the environment Ben returns after his trip to paradise!

Ben Prendergast, a 21 year unemployed local young man has recently returned from a sponsored trip to the Seychelles.

Douglas Hyden, Managing Director was immediately keen on the idea “Storm Security is keen to sponsor the local community, the environment, and help with conservation. When we were approached by Ben with the idea of helping a young man develop some skills to seek employment whilst helping conservation it seemed like a win-win project”

Storm Security worked with Ben to find a suitable project and organisation that would accomplish Bens desire to gain some skills whilst working within conservation. After much searching, it was decided to send Ben to work alongside GVI. GVI offers over 150 different volunteer abroad projects in 25 countries all over the world. While Volunteering abroad the volunteers can play a crucial role in a wide range of conservation, education and community projects in Africa, South America, Asia, Europe and Central America.

They send over 2,000 people to volunteer abroad every year to help keep their projects sustainable and to ensure their positive impact on surrounding environments. All the volunteer work abroad projects are run alongside, and with the collaboration of, their local partners and communities. This helps them to determine their needs to empower them to meet their goals.

Ben travelled to the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean as a member of an expedition and work on critical marine conservation projects amongst the beautiful islands of the Seychelles.

During his time there he contributed towards various conservation-related surveys aimed at providing data to the local government on coral reef research, invertebrate surveys, whale shark migration observations, in-water turtle surveys and turtle nesting research.

Ben learnt how to identify fish in the Indian Ocean; visiting and diving amongst deserted tropical islands; taking his PADI Advanced and Research Diver courses. He enjoyed fun-dives and searching for the incredible ‘mega-fauna’ in the area, such as whale sharks, manta rays, and dolphins; developing the techniques you need to survey coral reefs, exploring different dive sites, visiting breeding areas for the hawksbill and green turtle, and endangered giant tortoises; he truly had an amazing and unique adventure amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!

As for the future Douglas is hopeful “We truly hope that in sponsoring Ben, this young man will have gained a skill set that can be used to help other conservation programmes around the world, and wish him luck for his future work. We all have a duty to preserve the world we live in; this was our way of trying to do our bit”


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